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Hawaiian Massage – Lomilomi

Different cultures have different types of massage and the Hawaiian culture is no exception. This Hawaiian massage called Lomilomi involves the use of knees and elbows in addition to the masseuses traditional “tools” of fingers and palms.

Along with elbows and knees, Lomilomi might also employ the use of stones or sticks and even a forearm or two. While this type of massage offers a variety of techniques, the Hawaiians do take this very seriously and, in fact, practitioners of Hawaiian massage must pass a written test on physiology anatomy and massage theory before they can practice.

Traditionally, Lomilomi is part of a holistic healing routine which also includes diet, meditation and prayer but it is also an outstanding massage technique in its own right. This type of massage is thought to help restore family harmony and aid digestion and has been practiced for centuries by native healers. As is the case with most Asian style therapies, it is based on old-time wisdom about energy (or ‘Huna’ as the Hawaiians call it) and even in modern times is found to have many health benefits.

Hawaiian massage involves using flowing continuous strokes for total muscle relaxation. Sometimes before the massage, practitioners will use Hawaiian salt or red clay to prepare and cleanse the body. In addition to that, some sessions include plunges into the ocean or sitting in a steam hut to improve circulation.

To experience a real Hawaiian Lomilomi is an adventure in itself. You might find the practitioner humming a pleasant tune while they gently stretch and rotate your limbs to relax the body. Along with the full body strokes you will find the masseuse lifting different parts of your body and applying pressure. While you might not enjoy laying directly on the table (Lomilomi does not use a sheet underneath the body) you will not be cold as the Hawaiian temperature is usually quite mild and when it is not, heaters are used.

Each Hawaiian massage is as different as the individual who is giving it to you. Sometimes there can be two practitioners during one session. Whether you have one masseuse or two, you are sure to enjoy a delightful experience of this interesting style of massage.