Better Massage Therapy

Corporate Massage Lovers Delight in The Chair Massage

A massage can be good for your health as well as make you feel great but a lot of people don’t feel comfortable laying on the table draped in a sheet. For those of you, including many stressed-out corporate workers, the chair massage might be the answer.

Often called the corporate massage this type of massage takes place in a chair. This being the case, it can be performed pretty much anywhere including in the workplace where it is often given as a perk to overworked employees. Not any chair can be used, however, there is a special chair which allows for comfortable seating with a slight face forward downward angle. The legs are bent with knees propped up and it is actually a very relaxing way to sit.

This special chair allows the massage therapist to easily work on the shoulders, neck, arms and back. For this type of corporate massage, these are the areas that mainly are worked on and other areas that might be included in a standard massage like the legs and feet are left out.

There are many benefits of chair massage to both the employee and employer. Work related stress counts for billions in productivity lost every year as it is one of the most common ailments that affects corporate workers. Therefore, it is actually money well spent for the company to spring for the short sessions which can relax and reenergized the workers.

Using a chair for massage can be done in the workplace as mentioned above or in the therapist’s office. In some cases it can be done in the client’s home but the chair can be very heavy and difficult to carry, unlike a massage therapists folding table, so it is not often done out of the office.

A chair massage can actually be more beneficial to the therapist as well. The angle that they are using during the massage makes use of gravity and they simply need to lean their knees to get more strength behind their massage efforts. This can alleviate a lot of the strain that massage therapists often have in their hands.

A chair massage can be a great way to get a quick pick me up without having to go through undressing and laying on the table. While there is nothing like a full massage, these little mini massages can be great for those times in between getting the real thing.