Better Massage Therapy

What It Takes To Be A Massage Therapist

Being a massage therapist might seem like an easy and somewhat glamorous job but it actually requires a complex knowledge of the human body as well as some physical strength. With over 650 muscles, the body is a complex system of bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles and a therapist must be familiar with most of these in order to give a proper massage. And it’s not enough just to know what all these products are, the masseuse or masseur must be able to detect by touch what is happening to these different muscles and joints.

Along with that, there are many different types of massage such as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, shiatsu and numerous others that a therapist must become familiar with.

In order to keep relieve tension without injuring the client, therapists need to know the proper alignment, stance and pressure required in order to give a good quality massage. In order to do that, they need to know which muscles are affected by different kinds of activity. Being familiar with how to work out the knots, improve circulation and relax the muscles is a must.

But it’s not just the client that the massage therapist must worry about, they need to be sure they don’t injure their own body. All that bending, pressure application and kneading can make their own body sore and thrown out of alignment so that they need to get their own massage! Luckily there are techniques that the masseur can use to help ease the strain on their fingers, thumbs, hands, back and knees.

Another thing that the therapist needs to be aware of is the massage therapy equipment. For some types of massage a mat on the floor is enough but others require a table. If you want to get into giving corporate massages then you’ll need to get a special chair. In order to have good equipment that doesn’t break down and injure the client, you need to be able to recognize quality pieces.

Being a massage therapist takes a variety of skills and knowledge. Not only that but practical experience is a must in order to be able to give a good quality massage.